Top trending Software houses in Peshawar

Top Trending Software houses in Peshawar With the advancement in technology and digitization of the economy, software houses become the key market players. Every business is in the need of software services to compete in the digital market era.

2020 Trending Searches in Pakistan

2020 was the most difficult year for the whole world; everyone’s life was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic over the course of past year and the effect carried over on what Pakistanis searched on Google in 2020. Google has released its Year in Search Report for 2020,

2021 and Real Estate Industry of Pakistan

The Real Estate market is the backbone of any economy. To boost the economy, a country should concentrate on its real estate industry. As the population of the world has been increasing with every passing day, there will be a need arising for owning a house or land.

RAAST Way towards Digital Economy

Pakistan took another step towards the digitization of the economy with launching an instant payment system Raast or Direct way. This system enables end-to-end digital payments among individuals, businesses, and government entities within seconds.

COVID-19 Vaccination in Pakistan

COVID-19 the most infectious and deadliest disease of human history, which engulfed the entire global economy. The outbreak of the coronavirus has completely led to a global pandemic. Just like other nations of the world,

Overview of Property Laws in Pakistan

Like other countries of the world, specific laws govern the transaction of real estate property in Pakistan, which needs to abide by all the citizens of the country. There are four principle laws that encroach on the buying and selling of real estate property.