Impact of Internet of Things on Computer Studies in Pakistan

This definition explains the impact of the internet of things (IoT),
how IoT can benefit Computer science students.

Concepts of IoT and its relevance in Computer Science

Modern infrastructures need to be interconnected in a seamless manner to lower the cost of computing, generate more revenue, make the right decisions and drive mobile technologies efficiently There has been a need to connect the digital world with the real world while keeping the data security intact. Computer Studies Involves learning both practical and theoretical aspects of computer software and hardware’s along with its algorithm functions etc. Computer software and hardware thrive robustly now when they are all connected to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it convenient for the users to control and adapt to this computer hardware and software. Computer science is a field of diverse interests that involves more than just artificial intelligence as it also involves connecting devices to a network over the internet while running safely. Sensors, computer systems, and other devices connected to the Internet make it possible for Engineers and IT Professionals to form new solutions. This reduces the real-world complications which are all made possible by the merger of IoT with Computer systems.

Scope of Computer Studies in Pakistan and IoT

Computer Science involves designing computer systems, analyzing different computer software and hardware. While it also involves the study of telecommunication, networks, and work on the improvement of computer systems performance. The Pakistani IT/ITeS sector has emerged to be the winner in recent years by contributing to 1 percent of the total GDP which makes about 3.5 Billion USD in the year.

“To become a strategic enabler for an accelerated digitization ecosystem to expand the knowledge-based economy and spur socio-economic growth”. Digital Pakistan Policy (2018)

Looking into the current trend in digitization and foreign investment inside Pakistan there is a high chance for computer science students to succeed inside Pakistan. The need for connected devices and computer systems to the real world is becoming a major trend with the IoT serving as a pivotal point in it. Both IoT and computer studies have now become more of the same in their core concepts

How has IoT an impact on Computer Science

Users need to interact with the computer systems in a more convenient way to communicate its message and perform different operations. Computer systems are adapting to the needs of its user by giving them the opportunity to have more control over the devices and machines. Internet of Things (IoT) connects computer systems and other IT devices with the real world through the internet. By implementing cloud computing concepts, mobile technologies, and other digital laws, IoT provides a secure pathway for the users to operate machines efficiently.

Opportunities for Computer Science Students in Pakistan

It's been estimated that the total growth of the IT/ITeS Sector inside Pakistan would generate more than $ 7 billion in the coming four to five years. This provides an abundance of opportunities for the students of computer systems and those interested in IoT to perform more and add value to the growth of the Pakistani economy.

• Next-Generations are making it sure to communicate with the vehicles, home appliances, and other devices in a more relevant manner.

• Students are able to pursue a specialization in multiple fields such as Web development, Nanotechnology, Telecom industry, Networking, and Biomedical sciences.

• There are about 300,000 IT professionals working inside Pakistan with a number of 10,000 new graduates each year from Pakistani Institutes.

• If you are looking to do business in the IT/ITeS Sector inside Pakistan there would be a net-zero income tax on any IT & ITeS exports, nor would there be any income tax charges applied on any PSEB registered IT start-up.

• There has also been an agreement signed between Pakistan and Korea to develop a state-of-the-art technology park in Islamabad, Pakistan which is worth more than Rs. 10 Billion.

Below are some of the options for Students to pursue a career in Computer Science

● Computer Engineering

● Computer System

● Robotic & Intelligent Machine Engineering

● Electrical

● Electronics

Can we term pursuing Computer Studies in Pakistan a secure career

The need for a better world requires improvement in the IT infrastructures with the new trend of IoT in connecting devices to the internet, to increase the predictive powers of machines the global village is becoming more connected. A person sitting in the US can provide services to any IT department in Pakistan by accessing through a data cloud. The same wise is for any Pakistani so computer

Science has developed itself to become a more dominant part of technology with the IoT providing helping it out in connection to both the Internet and the users.

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