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Application development has become hectic for many as there are a number of policies and new updates to work out.
Google has introduced one of its best solutions to develop a less costly, more reliable, and adaptable mobile application development platform. Xtremessoft offers robust and consolidated Flutter development services to a wide number of customers across the globe. Millions of applications both iOS and Android are coming out each day in the competitive marketplace. Developers might find it hard to deal with both application development and server-end programming. To help it out we have the more hybrid or cross-platform for application development that acts as a native for the one on which it is deployed.
Mobile Application Development Company In Peshawar

IOS App Development

An organization is as professional as much as its highly functional mobile application.
There are more people with mobile phones in hand as compared to sitting in front of any desktop. Making it more obvious that why should one focus on having an agile and scalable mobile application along with a complete website setup. IT experts make a secure platform for any enterprise to avoid data losses or other encounters with the 5th generation cyberattacks. Involving more than just a user-friendly interference for your mobile application, as there are sensitive data stacks required to be protected. Xtremessoft proclaims to be one of the few professional iOS App Development Service providers in Peshawar, Pakistan, with the most affordable prices and significance in the expansion of the businesses to a new horizon. We connect you with the right people leading you to a successful journey inside a very competitive marketplace.

Windows Phone

The Shear impact of both iOS and Androids had caused havoc for both the software developers and publishers.
What else could be a better alternative to support the requested features from several users? How not use the Programming languages like that of C++ having their resources of C and C++ to ensure functionality on the windows platform and rest of the operating system. Mobile phones empowered with the amazing software by Microsoft are something both cost-efficient and thrilling at the same time. It is not just about having the support for mobile phones but desktops are also supported by these Windows Phone Application Development. To know more about the in-depth of these software’s we have the below details about several services and products.


With the introduction of new technology, users expect more high-class functionality
An increase in simplification of the software layout, data security, connectivity between the software end and hardware part. Adaptable software systems lead to improved customer engagement with the software, all these features with high-cost efficiency and data integrity. We have several teams of engineers and IT experts who are involved in the improvement of your current systems. Security from any 5th generation cyberattacks and avoiding any data.

Impact of Mobile Applications & Solutions
on Modern Businesses

The invention of mobile phones brought a revolution to businesses of all domains.
Customer engagement increased along with a decrease in the cost of marketing. Strategic growth for any enterprise requires the implementation of modern solutions. The involvement of mobile phones and their applications is a win-win situation for all sorts of businesses. Competition exists to get the best of modern solutions and for such reason, mobile applications are continuously evolving. Modern enterprises require to be present on multiple platforms at the same time. It is to increase the visibility of any website or any enterprise which can only be possible by having highly immersive mobile applications. Mobile Application Development is a sensitive task from the development of an idea to integration, and engineering its way into implementation it all takes a lot of time. Mobile applications are significant for businesses to grow more as it performs different functionalities.

Amplified Sales

There is a net 15 percent increase in sales for any enterprise when it comes to the usability of effective mobile applications. It would help to promote your diverse catalog of services and products.

Better Customer Engagement

Individuals would be able to experience your offerings in a unique manner. It would also decrease the communication gap between the buyer and the seller.
some of the expertise are as follow

Improved Business Analytics

The objective of marketing campaigns is always been the same and that is to have more traffic and increase sales. To identify the customer experience and the growth of any enterprises analysis is done. It is to understand the User-specific data or any feedbacks related to the specific pool of individuals.

Cost-efficient Marketing

Marketing Campaigns need to be more efficient and objective-oriented to grow businesses in the right direction.
Dealing with user-specific data might be hectic for some to having the data aligned by any mobile application solution is the best way to resolve complications.

Best Web & Mobile App Developers

Progressive Web App Development does not come easy it takes tons of experience and a strong band of experts to accomplish any target.
It’s been a while for xtremesoftware in the marketplace with hundreds of megaprojects completed and a high volume of international clients served well by thousands of solutions. We have now gathered more than just experience and that is a huge customer base both locally and in the international market.

Cost-efficient Marketing

Marketing Campaigns need to be more efficient and objective-oriented to grow businesses in the right direction.
Dealing with user-specific data might be hectic for some to having the data aligned by any mobile application solution is the best way to resolve complications.

Other Expertise

We would be able to help you out with the following
but our expertise is not limited to it only.

1. Mobile App UI/UX Design

2. Native App Development

3. Cross-platform App Development

4. Progressive Web App Development

5. Enterprise Mobility Solutions

6. Wearable App Development

7. IoT App Development

8. Maintenance and Support

What do we offer?

We offer exclusive Mobile Apps Development Services in Peshawar, Pakistan to a diverse range of industries and individuals.

It all depends on the requested solution by the client while we are capable of translating your needs into the solutions we offer. Some of the many solutions that we offer are as follows:

1. PaaS Web Application Solutions:
Enterprises are enabled to expand more by managing a single account on a multitenant system. The platform-as-a-Service environment created has high scalability for data load balancing. Such a web application environment where testing, hosting, deploying, and maintaining applications across several performance instances is done seamlessly creates more opportunities.

2. IaaS Web Application Solutions:
I.T managers need to have a more flexible and High-performance web application solution to drive a team in the correct direction. These days cloud computing has its scope which tends to any established enterprise to acquire the services of top notch mobile application Development Company in Peshawar, Pakistan. Users require smart access to their network equipment, servers, and data storage centers. To maintain a balance between multiple functionalities and over a secure passage we offer the best App Development Service to all our clients.

3. SaaS Web Application Solutions:
Users require a secure and seamless passage to the web or mobile applications. Any person connected to the internet also needs monitoring by the system in order to avoid any hazards of any kind. Virtual machines offer cost efficiency and more productivity to all the involved operations related to any enterprise.

4. Custom Mobile Application Solutions in Peshawar, Pakistan:
B2B and B2C organizations require to have custom-built mobile applications and solutions in order to generate more leads. This would also drive the enterprise to a competitive advantage over the rest. 5. DaaS Web Application Solutions:
Most of the enterprises are limited by resources to resolve such a grieve complication we offer a customized, manageable, convenient, and affordable web application solution. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offers a cloud platform to attain the milestones of any enterprise. From offering affordable workplaces with high functionalities to maintaining records all is provided by xtremesoftware.

6. Client-Facing Application Solutions:
Any mobile application or solution needs to have higher interoperability, scalability, and flexibility. It would also ensure a clear communication passage between the buyer and the seller. Looking into the current market trends as an Mobile App Development Company xtremesoftware offers the most affordable and robust solutions to any enterprise.

Hire mobile app developers

We have a dedicated team of experts in the field of mobile application,

Flutter Development, PHP Development, .Net Development, Digital Marketing, Engineering, and as whole field related to computer science and Information Technology. Our procedure of work is very coordinated as all the projects are completed with a collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams. If mention a few these are a small part of what we do here at xtremesoftware:

1. Drupal Web Development.

2. Drupal Website Design.

3. Laravel Web Development.

4. HTML5 Web Development.

5. Contentful Web Development.

6. Responsive Website Design Services.

7. Dot.Net

8. Dot.Net and QA

9. PHP development.

Whom we serve

1. Banking and Finance.

2. E-commerce.

3. Education.

4. Enterprise.

5. Telecommunications.

6. Government.

7. Travel & Tourism.

8. Healthcare.