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Best Email Marketing Services

A number of mediums are out there all guarantee to effectively direct your message and promote your brand to the masses.
An idea about what should be an ideal pathway for communication to happen if the enterprise requires its customer to read all the material and ensure 80 percent of the conversion rate on a digital marketing campaign. Well if that’s the case then digital marketing specialists would always go for an agile email marketing campaign offered by one of the best email marketing service providers (ESP’s) like xtremessoftware could be able to ensure you get maximum leads, more sales, and have tons of only-calls. Sales executives are given an opportunity to grow more business, increase the exposure of the brand to the target customers, review the analytics of the campaign driven, and moreover get the resultant results.
email marketing services in Peshawar
Leading Email Marketing Services

Leading Email Marketing Services

A whopping 306.4 billion emails are exchanged daily between different inboxes letting us believe that if we had any constraints on a digital marketing campaign budget then email marketing would be our savior in such a situation.
Each week the 61 percent of the users are observed to be receiving emails related to products and services promotions. While more than 80 percent of users try to engage with the brands from which they receive timely promotional emails. Email marketing is supposedly much effective in having a much better RoI of 40 percent as compared to the rest of the social media platforms like Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc.

Email Marketing Services

When it comes to the preference of professionals about the email marketing campaigns then it is noted that 87 percent of the digital marketers when initiating campaigns related to Business-to-Business (B2B) prefer email marketing campaigns
As the best channel for brand promotion. On the other hand, 75 percent of the digital marketers who are working in more Business-to-Customer (B2C) businesses prefer email marketing campaigns as the best option for seeking out the target customers.

Email Marketing Campaigns and its types

Execution of the digital marketing campaigns requires a high-performance set of tools along with the marketing specialists able to differentiate the different pathways of reaching out to the target customer segments
As one of the best email marketing service providers inside Peshawar, Pakistan xtremessoftware would ensure all organic strategies avoid any misleading results that can cause havoc for any of its customers.

1. Manual Setup for Marketing Campaign

2. Drip Marketing or Automated Marketing Campaigns.

Manual Setup for Marketing Campaign

The more traditional procedure of having a mailing list and sending a bunch of emails to a specified list of emails is now considered to be less efficient and more costly.
Time is money and to have more work in less time is more business. Digital Marketing specialists now prefer to be more active and save time for the rest of the operations for such reason the manual setup for email marketing campaigns is avoided due to its inconvenience.

Drip Marketing or Automated Marketing Campaigns

An automated system that is capable of sending emails, newsletters,s or any other brand-related promotional element is now under operation. There is a strict schedule has a specified range of timespan and user actions followed in the drip marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing specialists goes with the three different stages of automated or drip marketing,

which are as follows:

1. Top-Of-Funnel (TOFU) Drip:
When you are about to meet the person in the inbox you have to enter the cycle of email marketing which is called as Top-Of-Funnel (TOFU) Drip.

2. Education Drip:
What do you want to promote? Why should anyone be interested in your products and services? All these questions are well answered in the education drip which is the second phase of the email marketing cycle.

3. Re-engagement Drip: Not all stay with you and they look for something different. To get your business prospects back to your table the three-phase of drip marketing serves well by offering special discounts or affordable deals on products and packages.

Email Marketing Services for your Company

It’s a very exciting concept of going for an email marketing campaign that would be able to grow more business for you and also drive more traffic towards your website and mobile application. There over billions of people using their email inbox more than six times with a time span of 24 hours. The significance of email marketing is well described below:

Strengthen Relationship with your customer

Analyzing the different elements and phases of the email marketing campaigns it is noted that email marketing is far less costly, highly scalable, and 12 percent more effective as compared to the rest of the social media and paid advertisements. So looking into the facts any enterprise would try to be more limited inside the given budget.

Grow Businesses and expand customer base

Digital Marketing Specialists are able to comply with the policies of non-invasive and stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act while reaching out to the target customer segment. More than 90 percent of the users on the internet have more than 1 email ID which means most of these people would check on their inboxes for any update or doing communication.

Email Marketing Connect you with a diverse customer segment

A large pool of customers related to a diverse range of ethnicities, age groups, and genders can be targeted by having a more efficient and successful email marketing campaign.

More Simple and affordable

Driving any digital marketing campaign requires a great of skills using tactics and much more. While modern technology has revolutionized marketing with the most affordable, easy to execute, and test email campaigns which holds great relevance in driving more traffic towards the websites and mobile applications.